Project Description

This Argentos print has the distinction of being the only print from the Market of Doom 4 Pack of Prints┬áthat was a modified version of one my daily sketches. The others (Fruity Kruegers, Leatherflakes & Choc-Choc-Choc-O-O-O’s) were all completely redone versions of sketches I had done in the month known as October in the year we called 2014.

The funny thing about this one is that the modifications I made to the original sketch, while numerous, they were not numerous enough. The edges of the can are blurry, which is something I didn’t catch until the print was done. So, for each of the 13 Argentos prints that were made I have corrected the blurry edges by hand. Which I guess makes each of the 13 prints a completely unique piece. What can I say? I’m a regular Thomas Kinkade.

And that, my friends, concludes the story of Argentos the print.

This print is currently available for purchase as part of the Market of Doom 4 Pack of Prints available at the Mondo Mosher Store.

Argentos Final for MM