Project Description

In February of 2013 I was part of a group art show called “Artists Assemble” in Union City, NJ. It was an Avengers themed show and I did 3 comic covers placing The Avengers in other comic genres.

This cover, as you can see, is for a comical, younger readers, Avengers title called “Lotsa Laughs with The Avengers”. This cover was drawn years before the “Age of Ultron” was to descend upon us in big summer blockbuster form.

So naturally. it goes without saying that this drawing done in 2013 that features Ultron punching Ant-Man in the face which in turn has enabled The Wasp to lick Ant-Man’s ice cream cone, while Spider-Man swings by and is all like “Wha!?!” was the inspiration for Marvel to make the “Age of Ultron” movie.

Now, I know that Ant-Man, The Wasp and Spider-Man are not in “Age of Ultron”, but seriously, that movie was clearly┬áinspired by my work. I mean at the time this is being written we’ve only seen the trailer, but that trailer has Ultron, punching, some scenes take place outdoors and I think I saw some ice cream in there. If you’re not convinced that Marvel, Joss Whedon and co. weren’t inspired by my work to make “Age of Ultron” after reading that all of those same elements from “Lotsa Laughs with The Avengers” are in the trailer for “The Age of Ultron” then you’re clearly insane. Come on, do I have to draw you a map? It’s all there.

I’m currently waiting on Marvel to call me about letting me direct a feature based on my “M.O.D.O.K. Goes to the Bathroom” screenplay.

Prints of this were made and have been sold be me at comic cons and the like.