Project Description

In October of 2014 I started drawing horror movie themed versions of products ala ye olde Wacky Packages for my daily sketches. This theme was met with great enthusiasm by the people of the Earth internet and I got a kick out of doing them. All this enthusiasm and getting of kicks, led me to want to redo the daily sketches in an effort to make them look even more like their real life counterparts. You see, the daily sketches they are typically done rather quickly and while I am proud of them, one knows that one can always do better, eh wot? Pip, pip, cheerio and all of that damnable rubbish.

Anyhow, here is one of the redone sketches that was made into a glorious print. It features The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s favorite son Leatherface as a mascot for a cereal called “Leatherflakes”. Although, I bet that you’re smart enough to have figured all that out on your own.

This print is currently available for purchase as part of the Market of Doom 4 Pack of Prints available at the Mondo Mosher Store.

Leatherflakes Final for MM