Project Description

This was a piece that I did for the “All Hail GWAR!” Dave Brockie Memorial Show at the MF Gallery in May of 2014. This one meant a lot to me since GWAR was a major influence on me during what folks call your “formative years” and I have seen then perform live somewhere in the neighborhood of 50-60 times. While my attendance at the live shows had dropped off considerably as I got older and I will admit a declining interest in all things GWAR that began with “Ragnarok” (an album I tried desperately to convince myself I enjoyed) that eventually reached bottom by “We Kill Everything”.  It seemed like they were getting tired and just phoning it in and I in turn had grown tired of them. Then came “Violence Has Arrived” and I felt like they were getting their second wind, which seemed to be the case as each album since that one has been a solid effort worthy of the name GWAR. Also, in recent years GWAR seemed to be popping up everywhere and I was excited about GWAR again and excited to see that it looked like maybe, just maybe they would have the massive success they deserved. Then Dave Brockie died and with him the character of front man Oderus Urungus.

Now GWAR continues on, as it was what Dave Brockie wanted, but I am unsure if this is something that I want. I am approaching the post Oderus GWAR with an open mind, but so far, things are just too off for my tastes. Maybe this new GWAR will be an influence on a new generation of kids, but I have the feeling that I am too old for it and this may be where I get off the GWAR train. Who knows? Maybe when I’m even older there will be a 3rd or 4th generation of GWAR and at some point I will find myself at a show joining people of a wide range of ages in a sing-a-long to “Sick of You”.

Anyhow, if you’ve stuck it out through my thoughts on GWAR past, present and future, then let me say “thank you” and I’ll get to writing about this piece in a minute. If you don’t even read the text that is with these portfolio images, then let me say “Mfurna hocka wee wee oh yeah”. What does that mean? What do you care? You just said you were one of the people doesn’t read the stuff I write here on the portfolio pages.

This piece is maybe the 4th time I’ve drawn out this gag of merging Garfield with GWAR. Each time I’ve done it in the past, I wasn’t 100% satisfied with it. One of the previous incarnations which appears here under the flyer for the art show. I made prints of it and one of the copies was given to Dave Brockie who then put it on the Twitter feed manned by Oderus. His doing this connected me to a lot of really cool people and artists who liked it. That’s one of many stories I have about what a nice guy Dave Brockie was, but those are for some other place and some other time.

In any event, I wanted to get this GWARFIELD joke down on paper one more time for this show and do it the way I felt it should’ve always been drawn. I am happy with the results and honored to have been given a chance by the MF Gallery to pay tribute to one of my heroes.

Gwarfield MF

DBmemorial Gwarfield OR