Project Description

Fruity Kruegers began life as a sketch where I called the cereal Freddy Berry. Freddy Berry made me think of the late great Fred “Rerun” Berry and he really should have a fictional cereal of his own. So, thanks to a tip of the spoon by one Mr. Park Johnston, Fruity Kruegers became the new name of the Freddy cereal.

In the Freddy Berry sketch the General Mills riff was used to sign my name. When it came time to make prints however, I thought that cramming one more joke in by replacing “Geoff Mosher” with “General Kills” was the way to go.

Dear Crom! What are my neighbors cooking downstairs? Can you smell that? Oh right, this is the internet and that means you’re not here with me. Lucky you.

This print is currently available for purchase as part of the Market of Doom 4 Pack of Prints available at the Mondo Mosher Store.

Fruity Kruegers Master FINAL For MM