Project Description

Frankencastle vs. Hulkula

Comic Cover done in 2012 for the Comix Gone Rogue series of Art Shows curated by Edwin Vazquez.

Comix Gone Rogue is a project where artists are given blank comic covers to do with as they please. As you can see, I got The Punisher. Frankencastle is a real storyline where The Punisher after being killed by Wolverine’s son, was turned in to a Frankenstein’s monster type creature. It was awesome, at least I thought so. The Punisher fanboys, not so much. Anyhow, as of this writing while Frankencastle existed, Hulkula has yet to make an appearance in a Marvel comic.

For the back cover I decided to make a joke about a new Howard the Duck movie. Back in 2012 that seemed impossible, now in 2014 in a post “Guardians of the Galaxy” world, who knows?

Who knows?