Project Description

This was my second cover for the Comix Gone Rogue art series curated by Edwin Vazquez. This was done sometime around April of 2013. The exact date is somewhere in my files and my files are in another castle or something. I don’t know, you can ask the little mushroom guy where those files are if you really want to know.

At first, I wanted to do Barney Fife as Rick Grimes fighting off a Mayberry populated by the walking dead. Somewhere along the line, I scrapped that idea and came up with what you see here. I think this is the better idea of the two, but one day, I’d like to try to do that Barney Fife vs. Mayberry zombies idea too.

The back cover with the Crumb parody was another idea that I had for the front cover. Obviously, I still thought Casper was the way to go, but unlike Barney Fife, I was compelled to get “Keep on Walkin'” on there in some form.