Crazy Geoffie Site

Have you wanted to buy stuff from me, but said to yourself “Self, I wanna wait to see if Geoff loses his mind and put his stuff up for sale at prices so low, they’re mentally ill”?

Well you’re in luck, because apparently I have lost my mind and am now offering items in the Mondo Mosher store at prices so low, they’re mentally ill, during the¬†amazing “Send Me Money & I’ll Send You Stuff” sale!

That is correct. Things here at Mondo Mosher have descended into the kind of madness that if there were men in white coats carrying butterfly nets roaming the streets, I would certainly be placed in the custody of a mental hospital.

Take advantage of my inability to process the world around me in a manner that no doctor¬†would classify as “sane”, by purchasing the following items at rock bottom prices:

“Market of Doom” 4 pack of archival quality prints, now selling for $28.00

“Chachi #1” $3.33

“Herbert the Mug, Mug” $6.66

T-shirts now only $15

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, what better way to say “I Love You” than to get your sweetheart gifts you purchased while taking advantage of a person’s psychotic break from reality.

This sale is for a limited time only (since the state will surely see to it that I am medicated soon enough), so stock up while you can.